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Christmas Club for Holiday Planning

From the President's Desk...

Don’t look now, but we’re well into the holiday season, and with it comes one of the most stressful rites of passage – Christmas gift buying.  Between fighting crowds at the store, dealing with piles of delivery boxes arriving on your front step, and paying for all of it, most people report “the most wonderful time of the year” is also highly stressful.  While it may be too late to reduce anxiety this year, we can help make the 2024 Christmas season a brighter one.

The WCF Christmas Club account allows you to periodically save money throughout the year - up to $6,000 for the 2024 holiday season!  It takes only $10 to open an account, which earns a terrific 3.00% interest rate along with a 3.00% annual percentage yield.  Monthly direct deposits are required (and ongoing additional deposits can also be made), with no withdrawals allowed.  In the 3rd weekend of October, 2024, all funds saved and interest earned are automatically transferred into the WCF checking or savings account of your choice for your use, just in time for holiday shopping. 

In 2024 don’t let financial stress ruin your holiday good cheer.  Makes plans now using our Christmas Club account to turn next year’s Christmas season into a breeze.  Learn more about the WCF Christmas Club account.  

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